BOOK: The Summer of Independence


The Yes movement in the run-up to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum was not led by governments, parties or politicians, but by an unprecedented groundswell of passionate, spontaneous and self-organising volunteers. ‘The Summer of Independence’ is the first written account of that period from a grassroots perspective.

‘A beautifully written and illustrated journey through the momentous closing stages of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign … An intimate, lucid and poignant insight into the very heart of the Yes movement by one of the co-founders of National Collective.’ – Scott Lyall

‘Andrew has captured that mood of optimism and joy, when it was all up for grabs, more accurately and powerfully than anything I’ve ever read … It is one of the most inspiring and resonant pieces you will find on this subject.’ – Alan Bissett

‘This is the story of a remarkable moment in Scottish history, told with the passion that characterised the movement …. An important contribution to our understanding of what we created, and are still creating.’ – Bella Caledonia

‘A remarkable book … Andrew has a talent to inspire.’ – Ian Hamilton QC

‘A compelling and beautifully written account from the frontline … A bittersweet eyewitness view of what it meant to be young, and young-at-heart, during the referendum campaign in Scotland … The writer has a keen sense of power dynamics, history and literature, but more importantly he has imagination and talent. We can have faith in Scotland’s future with young writers like this.’ – Meaghan Delahunt

Published by Word Power Books, 2016

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